Nuvi Partners With Brickfish

Fall is the greatest time of year — I will hear no other arguments. Football comes back and we remember there's nothing cooler in life. It's a fantastic time to do anything outdoors, leaves change from red to orange to gold, and the temperature hits that perfect pitch at 70 degrees. We eat and drink pumpkin-flavored everything. Did I mention that football is back?

I have a personal theory that because fall is so amazing, businesses get swept up in the craze and acquire everything in sight — it's called acquisition fever. It recently rampaged through SLC (Teem acquired by WeWork) and now the fever has spread to the point of the mountain: Brickfish is partnering with Lehi-based Nuvi.

Here's Michael Mullarkey, CEO of Brickfish:

Brickfish has built one of the most robust social media platforms in the industry. Our solutions enable organizations to power their own conversations across social media. The addition of Nuvi’s groundbreaking platform as part of our offering will result in brands having greater business insights while increasing their understanding of consumer behavior like never before.

Based in Chicago, Brickfish has been building a social media management solution since 2005. They are adding Nuvi to expand their offerings, opening the door into a world of real-time research, monitoring, and analytics. Nuvi is probably best known as the exclusive partner of Business Wire, the world's leading commercial newswire.

Here's Keith Nellesen, CEO of Nuvi:

Nuvi has taken data visualization, visual intelligence, and social listening to new heights for companies across the globe. Coupling the power of Nuvi with Brickfish’s solutions gives enterprise-level brands the ability to reach the right audiences, at the right time, in a way that has never been done before.


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