Ovation Receives $2 Million

Earlier this year, Ovation secured $2 million, led by York IE and an additional investment from Branded Strategic Hospitality, according to the article.

Ovation is a guest feedback platform that is revolutionizing the guest restaurant experience. Ovation bridges the gap between guest feedback and the restaurant management, providing customers an easy way to communicate with the decision leaders of their favorite restaurants.

Zack Oates, Founder and CEO of Ovation, is thrilled with the growth happening at Ovation. He stated the following in the article:

“I grew up in the restaurant industry and learned that the main reason for everything we do–from training, to food quality, to ambiance, to technology–is to improve the guest experience....unfortunately, historically, there have been no great ways to measure guest experience. Ovation is the bridge between guests and restaurants that help restaurants grow.”

Restaurant industry sales were significantly lower due to COVID-19 in 2021, and Ovation's team is striving to create a more positive experience for guests at restaurants so those sales rise again.

Additionally, Joe Raczka, Chief Investment Officer at York IE, stated the following in the article:

"Zack and the entire team at Ovation are uniquely qualified to address this opportunity and we’re confident and excited to support them on their mission.”

Click here to learn more about Ovation and what they are doing to grow the restaurant industry.

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