Qualtrics And IBM Announce Partnership


Here in Utah, we know a thing or two about solid partnerships. Stockton-to-Malone is one of my personal favorites, an 18-year pick-and-roll combination built on slick entry passes and suggestive shorts. Other great Utah partnerships include Mark Eaton and his beard, Thurl Bailey and his voice, and Jerry Sloan and profanity.

Now we have a new collaboration in town. Qualtrics and IBM have announced a partnership to provide what they're calling the "world’s most powerful employee experience solution." What does this mean? Qualtrics' Experience Management (XM) platform is now the preferred employee engagement technology for all IBM Kenexa clients.

John Torrey, chief corporate development officer at Qualtrics:

The combination of IBM's talent management portfolio, data sets, and IBM Watson with Qualtrics' leading XM Platform will offer clients a winning combination unlike anything ever seen in the employee experience marketplace. This partnership will accelerate the innovation curve in employee experience as both organizations apply their technology and expertise to help tackle major issues of today's experience economy.

I must say, Qualtrics is showing no signs of slowing down. They recently acquired Delighted (a Bay Area startup that created one-touch ratings for Uber and Postmates), fueling speculation from Forbes about an impending IPO. They have already partnered with Utah's favorite organization (the Utah Jazz, who reached an agreement with Qualtrics to wear a 5 For The Fight patch on their jerseys) and now they're partnering with one of the world's most recognizable tech brands, IBM.

Bob Schultz, general manager of IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions:

With this new relationship, our customers will experience the Qualtrics XM Platform coupled with IBM Watson to help their teams improve the overarching employee experience at their companies.


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