"Shift"ed: Are You Taking a Leap?

The Pandemic gave us all some time to think about our lives- whether we wanted to or not. We started asking ourselves questions like, "Am I happy in my work?", "What are my priorities?", and "Can I fix that (insert home improvement issue) myself?"

Some of us asked these questions and decided to make a pivot, a change, a shift. For those that are experiencing change, there are a lot of resources to help. Shift Summit is one of those resources to help you change course, stay the course, or even inspire you to find a new course.

Shift Summit will be an in-person event held September 16-17 in downtown Salt Lake City, and founder Sara Urquhart is ready with a mix of structured time for breakouts and  keynotes, and plenty of time for social events and breaks. Shift Summit is "A business conference in the Beehive for those who want to level up at work, in relationships, at home, in politics, online, in the neighborhood, and in life."

To learn more and register for the event, visit shiftgathering.com

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