Silicon Slopes And Salt Lake Chamber Announce New Partnership

SILICON SLOPES, UT — Utah’s largest and longest-serving business association is deepening its relationship with the state’s fastest growing industry in a partnership that’s designed to enhance the voice of business in Utah. Today, the Salt Lake Chamber and Silicon Slopes made the partnership official by signing the agreement on the steps of the State Capitol.

The Salt Lake Chamber has served Utah’s business community for 130 years. The Chamber represents more than 8,000 businesses and nearly half of all jobs in the state of Utah. As the state’s largest business association, the Salt Lake Chamber does not just represent one industry, but all industries in the state — including Utah’s growing tech sector.

“Utah’s technology sector is an incubator that keeps our economy ahead of our peers, bringing investment and jobs. The talent, both being developed here and brought in to our state, is bolstering up our economy and driving even more growth,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “It’s important to us as Utah’s ‘voice of business’ to engage with this next generation of emerging business leaders. To apply their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to community challenges, to collaborate across sectors and unlock unique possibilities that keep Utah the best place in the nation to live, work, learn and play.”

By partnering with the Salt Lake Chamber, Silicon Slopes looks to amplify its voice on Capitol Hill and work with the broader business community to find solutions to issues facing our state.

“This partnership means a great deal for Utah’s economy,” said Clint Betts, Executive Director of Silicon Slopes. “As one of the state’s leading growth industries, our ability to partner with the state’s largest and longest-serving business association will allow the tech community a real seat at the table to solve community challenges. Whether it is air quality, transportation or workforce development — our industry is impacted, and this partnership allows us to help shape business-driven solutions to address these and many other issues.”

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