Silicon Slopes Launches Quarterly Magazine

The Spring 2017 Issue Is Out Now

Today Silicon Slopes announced the launch of Silicon Slopes Magazine,**a quarterly print and digital magazine that will provide in-depth coverage and analysis on Utah’s flourishing tech ecosystem.

The organization also announced a partnership with Utah Business that will allow Silicon Slopes Magazine to be the most widely distributed magazine in the state of Utah starting with the just-released Spring 2017 issue. All Utah Business subscribers will automatically receive a copy of Silicon Slopes Magazine. If you’re not a Utah Business subscriber, you should correct that error immediately.

“We exist to empower Utah’s tech community to learn, connect, and serve in order to make entrepreneurship open and accessible to all,” said Silicon Slopes executive director and editor-in-chief Clint Betts. “Silicon Slopes Magazine will be an important tool in accomplishing our organization’s mission by providing a vehicle for us to tell the stories of the companies and entrepreneurs living in Silicon Slopes to a broad and global audience. We’ll be shipping this magazine to startup hubs and leaders around the world, continuing our push to grow the Silicon Slopes brand and make Utah a globally recognized hub for tech and innovation.”

The inaugural issue features a cover story on VidAngel’s legal battle with Hollywood, an in-depth profile on Lucid Software CEO Karl Sun, and informative articles by some of the most prominent tech and community leaders in Silicon Slopes.

Utah Business is thrilled to partner with Silicon Slopes in launching the new Silicon Slopes Magazine,” said Utah Business publisher Donnie Welch. “With a print and digital version of the magazine combined with a high quality distribution list of executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners both locally and nationally, Silicon Slopes Magazine will instantly become one of the top business publications in the state of Utah.”

Read The First Issue Now

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