Sorenson Ventures Closes First Fund At $110M

A few years ago, Sorenson Ventures was formed. Rob Rueckert and Ken Elefant were tasked with seeking out early stage investments in enterprise software and security startups, a supplement to the later-stage work being done at Sorenson Capital. Today we see the fruits of their labors as Sorenson Ventures closes its first fund at $110 million, with investments in companies like CyCognito, Botkeeper, Paperspace, NS8, Openpath, Octarine, and Trizic.

"Our focus on helping entrepreneurs by proactively working with them beyond a simple investment has already been resonating with high quality startups," said Elefant, managing director of Sorenson Ventures. "We roll up our sleeves and seek to add value by making connections to customers, helping teams recruit key talent and assisting them in finding product-market fit. We become their true partners, like early-stage venture funds used to do in the early 90s."

"We are product-first investors and are attracted to entrepreneurs who use their engineering vision to change markets, which you will see evidence of in our first eight investments. Most of our founders are repeat entrepreneurs with strong domain expertise. We believe we bring something different to the table, and as such, we've been fortunate to syndicate our initial investments with firms such as Lightspeed, Battery Ventures, Emergence, Accel and Greycroft, among many other high-quality firms. We're going to continue to invest in innovative software and security companies that have impressive intellectual property and management teams with the vision to execute."

You can read more about the formation of Sorenson Ventures here.

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