Reignite Creativity with Lucidspark

Covid-19 has certainly forced a lot of new experiences for everyone, including those in the business world. In a place where people need to have creative interaction, a video call sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Lucidspark, a product made by Lucid, brings an experience that helps creatives continue to work and collaborate in our new normal, from home, the office, or anywhere you need to work.

In a recent survey conducted by Lucid, 43% of the C-suite indicated that their company was forced to delay some announcements and launches as a result of employees working from home and collaborating virtually. So does working from home staunch creativity? Nearly one in four surveyed said yes, it does, and 26% of managers agree. Of those workers who felt their creativity lessen, 46% said it was because of less face-to-face interaction, 44% feeling isolated-not knowing what their coworkers were doing, and 40% said that difficulty collaborating over team calls was the reason.

Lucid took this information, and much more, and adapted quickly. Although ideas for Lucidspark were in progress before the pandemic rocked the world, the launch was well-timed to meet the needs of those workers who were suffering creatively. Lucidspark, a cloud-based virtual whiteboard, helps teams continue to collaborate in a more visual manner than they previously could from remote and even at-work locations.

Through the past few decades, we’ve become really good at communicating from a distance, but that’s not the same as collaborating from a distance explains Nathan Rawlins, Chief Marketing Officer at Lucid.

“We tend to conflate the two ideas- collaborating and communicating. Talking on the phone or via email is a much different thing than getting 30 or so people together and simultaneously getting ideas out and listening to everyone’s ideas- that’s usually where you say let’s get in a room and figure this out. You’ve got sticky notes flying and white boards going, and even then it isn’t always productive, not to mention that we can’t even do that right now because of Covid. When we got results back from our survey, we heard that people needed a place where they could go to visually work together. To get ideas out and see everything visually in front of them. We’re building the only collaboration suite that helps teams see and build the future from idea to reality,” Nathan says. “We believe that if you can see it- see clearly what needs to happen- it will provide basically this visual language all the way through the process of making things work. It starts with bringing ideas to life.”

Lucid products are used by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, and Lucidspark is another tool in the Lucid working tool belt. Lucidspark, along with Lucidchart and Lucidpress, create a fantastic suite of products that help take collaboration to the next level while simultaneously encouraging creativity and productivity.

To learn more about Lucid and their products, watch a demo here or visit

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