Startup Weekend Provo Kicks-Off

Someone’s life is going to change this weekend.

Food trucks, Garrett Gee, and pitches from attendees helped launch Startup Weekend Provo Thursday night. Startup Weekend is a global grassroots organization that empowers entrepreneurs who want to learn the basics of how to launch a successful startup.

“Someone’s life is going to change this weekend,” Gee said in a short speech to attendees.

Gee spoke about how he’s been able to connect budding entrepreneurs with people who can help take their startup to the next level.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without help, and now I want to help others,” said Gee.

With his connections at TechCrunch, Shark Tank, and Google Ventures, Gee said he’s been able to help budding entrepreneurs take the next step in their startup journey.

“Through Google alone I’ve gotten two companies funded,” said Gee.

This is the second Startup Weekend we’ve covered and the theme remains the same: community. While there is a competition component to this event, winning is definitely not the focus.

At the Startup Weekend Ogden event last November, Startup Weekend founder Andrew Hyde said, “It’s not about the competition. It’s about the community. I don’t care about your pitches. I just want you to make some meaningful connections this weekend.”

The organizers of Startup Weekend Provo stayed true to that theme Thursday night.

“We are a community and we should support each other,” said organzier Sean Hess.

Once every attendee who wanted to pitch had been given the opportunity, the best pitches were voted on and teams began to form around those ideas. Each team now has until Saturday night at 5:00 p.m. to validate their idea and build a minimum viable product.

We’ll introduce you to each team and their idea throughout the weekend. For tonight, though, we’re just interested in catching up with our fellow entrepreneurs and making some new friends.

Published 2/20/2014

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