Swig Looks to Build on Explosive Growth, Appoints Chase Wardrop as COO and Dylan Roeder as CMO

Swig, the rapidly-expanding customized beverage brand known as the Home of the Original Dirty Soda™, has made significant appointments to its executive team: Chase Wardrop has been named Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Dylan Roeder is now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Both individuals have played vital roles in Swig's growth and success over the years.

Wardrop and Roeder's journey with Swig began in 2015 when they co-founded The Soda Shop in Arizona. In 2017, the brand was acquired by Savory Fund, a private equity firm focusing on emerging restaurant concepts. The following year, Savory acquired Swig from founder Nicole Tanner, leading to the merger of The Soda Shop with Swig. Wardrop and Roeder became part owners and VPs within the brand.

Andrew Smith, managing partner and co-founder of Savory Fund, reminisced about his initial encounter with Wardrop and Roeder, praising their determination and talent as young entrepreneurs. Smith remarked on the incredible progress they have made since their partnership, highlighting their expert navigation and dominance within the market.

Swig's growth shows no signs of slowing down. In 2022, it was acquired by The Larry H. Miller Company, a prominent Utah-based corporation with diverse investments. The brand celebrated the opening of its 50th corporate store in April of this year. Additionally, the announcement of multi-unit franchising garnered immense popularity, generating over 700 inquiries without any advertising. Roeder envisions transforming the regional company into a national brand with over 500 stores and Wardrop believes the brand's potential is far from realized.

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