Tech9 + Stotion

"Tech Happily"
The theme for Utah-based company Tech9 embodies what they’re all about- making software development as easy and painless as possible. In a realm where technology is of paramount importance, there is a growing need for good software development. It happens often: you’ve got a great idea or business, but you’re not sure how to get the right software and programs. This is where Tech9 comes in.

Tech9’s founders worked together for various companies in the software development industry for years when Nick Stice decided to branch out on his own. He knew that he could make a difference in the tech industry, particularly in Utah. Small businesses sometimes start with little money and lots to do, yet when it comes time to build tech, they fail or fall short. Stice knew it shouldn’t be that difficult, so in 2015 he started Tech9.

Tech9 makes it easy for small to medium sized businesses to get the software they need at a price they can handle, without compromising the quality of the product. With offices in Utah as well as India and Costa Rica, Tech9 is diverse and growing. Recently, the business acquired the UX/UI design agency Stotion LLC, which helps Tech9 maintain their competitive edge in the market. Stotion comes from the words "strategy and emotion", and Tech9 liked their concept of using strategy from the beginning.

"How many times have you been frustrated with the software you’re using?" asked Tech9’s Nick Stice. "It’s an emotional thing, so we liked that Stotion is focused on the why and then the what. They work hard to incorporate emotion so that people feel happy about what they’re doing and building. We feel like it’s a really good alignment with our theme of 'Tech Happily'."

The combination of Stotion and Tech9 will allow both companies the growth and development they’re looking for. Focusing on great software with a positive user experience is what makes Tech9 a standout name in the tech industry. Stotion will now be a Tech9 company but maintain their brand and Provo location.

To learn more about both companies and the recent acquisition visit and

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