Teoma New HQ in Utah

Coming in hot from the Andes!

Teoma, a leading Latin America networking company, is coming to the U.S. and has chosen Utah as their new headquarters.

Based in Peru, Teoma provides nutritional and health products with a strong presence in eight countries. With the move to Utah, Teoma is bringing jobs, and they're hoping to boost economic growth within the Latin community and elsewhere.

With Peruvian-born Utahns making up the fourth largest group within Utah’s growing Hispanic/Latino population, Teoma brings opportunities for them and for others to pursue entrepreneurial dreams.

In a recent press release, Felipe Novoa, Teoma President, said, “We are drawn to Utah because of the people here. Like our friends in Latin America, they have a passion for teams, dreams, families and abundance. Teoma offers everyone a chance to share in this abundance as quickly as possible.”

Welcome to Utah friends!

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