The Karl Sun Is Shining: Lucidchart Raises $72M, Prepares To Open Amsterdam Office

The Karl Sun is shining brightly upon us today. It has risen above the mountains and smiled with saintly light, dispensing dollar bills like soft yellow rays. Bask in its warmth, my friends, gather and give thanks for a world where Karl Sun can illuminate even our darkest secrets. Where would we be without the light of Karl Sun? WHERE WOULD WE BE?!?!?!

I once wrote a poem about Karl Sun and Lucid, and somebody named Libby Thomas (whom I've never met but is definitely my hero) created a Lucidpress booklet. It's the only thing I've done in four years at Beehive Startups and Silicon Slopes that I'm proud of. LIBBY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS I NEED MORE HELP. LET'S COLLOBORATE.

Alright, sorry about the PSA for Libby. To the real news: Lucidchart has closed a $72 million funding round from investors new (Meritech Capital, ICONIQ Capital) and old (Spectrum Equity). In addition to the funding, Lucidchart is going international with a new office opening in Amsterdam in January 2019. It's like I've always said: Karl Sun shines brightly in all parts of the world, even Amsterdam.

Sun, the co-founder and CEO of Lucidchart, said this in a statement:

Lucidchart is driven by the vision that when people think and communicate visually, we can work faster, collaborate more effectively, and be more innovative. Today, we’re grateful to add Meritech and ICONIQ as strategic partners and for Spectrum Equity’s continued support so that we can aggressively further that vision. Though Lucidchart started as a replacement for traditional, difficult-to-use diagramming applications, our ambitions have always been far greater. We are determined to make communicating visually an integral part of the future of work, ensuring that innovators
everywhere can turn the best ideas into reality.

Lucidchart has raised a total of $114 million in funding and has over 15 million users on their platform. Their sister product Lucidpress has another five million users, one of them named Libby AND HAS ANYBODY SEEN LIBBY YET?!??

To learn more about Lucid and Karl Sun, read our past profile.


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