The Leonardo Museum and Vivint Smart Home Launch Sensory-Friendly Mondays

For those individuals with sensory processing differences, an evening spent in a public place with bright lights and loud noises can be completely overwhelming. We are learning more every day about children and adults with sensitivities to texture, light, noise, and other environmental stimuli. How can we help these individuals enjoy everyday activities we take for granted? Learn, study, and implement - which is exactly what Vivint Smart Home and The Leonardo Museum of Creativity and Innovation are doing.

The Leonardo Museum and Vivint Smart Home have announced a joint initiative called Sensory-Friendly Mondays. This unique evening, held on the first Monday evening of each month, will include specialized activities for individuals of all abilities and their families. The lights will be turned down, noise reduced, sensory bags provided with noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, maps, guides and verbal cue cards, and sensory friendly activities will be offered.

"We want to make curiosity and innovation accessible to all by providing a monthly event for those with sensory processing differences to have a fun, enjoyable and interactive learning experience," said Alexandra Hesse, executive director of The Leonardo Museum. "Making The Leonardo accessible to the community is at the core of our mission, and we’re incredibly grateful to Vivint Smart Home for helping make this kind of programming possible through their generous support."

"Kids are able to enjoy an experience they were previously not able to enjoy. The staff is trained to handle kids with different abilities, so parents can feel a little bit more comfortable while they’re here as well," said Holly Mero-Bench, director of Vivint Gives Back, Vivint’s philanthropic foundation. "Children with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families are especially important to us. Our goal is to give them greater peace of mind both at home and in the community. We’re thrilled to team up with The Leonardo Museum to help make it a better experience for these individuals."

Vivint’s focus is to bring families and technology together in a positive and meaningful way, so working with The Leonardo Museum has been a great fit. Both the museum and Vivint strive to be inclusive and bring awareness to those with physical or intellectual disabilities. Sensory-Friendly Mondays will start October 7th and run every first Monday evening from 3-5 p.m.

For more information, visit

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