The Total Toolbox: Weave

Everyone loves a one stop shop, but when it comes to business, that concept is extremely rare. Weave is a company that takes all the headaches of a small business - things like phones, analytics, and marketing - and combines them into a complete toolbox solution.

Weave’s story began in 2008 when founder and now CEO Brandon Rodman started a scheduling service for dental offices from the attic of his home. Although those beginning years were difficult at times, Rodman and co-founder Clint Berry pressed forward to develop what is now a company that works with over 13,000 businesses on its platform and a valuation of over $970 million.

So what is Weave? It’s everything you need in one system. There are so many different things to keep track of as a small business, and many of those businesses use old, outdated methodology that ends up costing them money. Take payments for example. In the past, an employee had to put together envelopes, paper, addresses, and postage - a process that was arduous and time consuming. Then, someone had to keep track of that payment and monitor its status. If payment doesn’t come the first time, another statement has to be sent, and so on and so forth. This process takes a lot of time, which means a lot of money is being spent. Weave has recently come in with a smart solution - Weave Payments - which is a simple payment terminal that small businesses can use to simplify and streamline the process. The payment terminal is sent to the business and it works in conjunction with the other Weave elements. Money comes back into the business quickly and efficiently, with minimum babysitting of accounts.

Weave takes on the pains that small and medium sized businesses experience. "From the first phone call to the final invoice, Weave provides personalized, relevant, and effective solutions for the entire customer journey. Weave’s unique integration of hardware and software solutions help streamline and simplify business growth, retention and communication."

The team at Weave has grown and changed, and they have recently welcomed industry veteran Jeff Lyman as Chief Product Officer (CPO). Lyman brings his knowledge and understanding at a time when Weave is making their tools better and stronger. "This leadership team has really strong convictions. If you take amazing care of your employees, they’ll take amazing care of your products, their customers and each other. [Weave] has built an amazing culture that is also dedicated to a unified mission inspired by a CEO and his approach to human capital- people, not employees," said Lyman.

To learn more about Weave and tools you can use, visit

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