WeROC Conference: Making a Difference for Female Founders

In spite of the fact that a growing percentage of all startups in the United States are launched by women, only 2.3 percent of those companies that landed external funding in 2020 were led by women.

This reality led the team at VentureCapital.org to launch the WeROC conference some five years ago, an event designed specifically to support and encourage female entrepreneurs and would-be founders in the fundraising process.

Turns out that the WeROC conference name is actually an acronym:

Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital.

And as it explains on the VC.org website,

"WeROC is a conference designed to provide actionable insights, success stories, and tools for women leaders seeking investment capital."

So ... the next iteration of WeROC is happening this Friday (Sept. 24, 8am - 5pm, with a two-hour afterparty from 5 - 7pm).

Venture capital and investment firms participating in WeROC include

  • Beta Boom Ventures,
  • Kickstart Seed Fund,
  • MCS Ventures,
  • Pelion Venture Partners,
  • SLC Angels, and
  • Tamarak Capital, with

both Cydni Tetro (serial entrepreneur and CEO of Brandless) and Patricia Jones (CEO of the Women's Leadership Institute) serving as Keynote Speakers.

Click here for a complete schedule of the WeROC conference and/or to make reservations.

And use Promo Code SSLOPES25 to save 25% off the ticket price.

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