Top Workplaces Names Chatbooks #1 Tech Company to Work for in the Nation

Top Workplaces, the leading employee recognition program in the nation, recently recognized Silicon Slopes-based Chatbooks as the #1 technology company. From a competitive pool of 191 nominated technology firms, Chatbooks emerged as the frontrunner, lauding its pioneering work environment that fosters individuality and excellence.

Chatbooks was established in 2014 by Nate and Vanessa Quigley, and provides a seamless way for families to organize, print, and cherish their cherished memories. The Quigleys' vision was ignited when Vanessa stumbled upon her son's treasured preschool photo album–this experience inspired her to revolutionize photo-sharing. Today, millions of families have immortalized their memories through the Chatbooks app.

Said Vanessa, "Since the beginning, we've been focused on the Chatbooks culture that builds a creative and productive All-Star team. Our goal is to have each person feel like a respected team member, on a winning team, that is doing meaningful work. Because this award comes from employee feedback, we're thrilled to know we are headed in the right direction and that Chatbooks really is a great place to work."

The Top Workplaces award stems from employee feedback gathered via the Energage Workplace Survey. Drawing on 16 years of data encompassing over 27 million employees across 70,000 organizations, the accolade reaffirms Chatbooks' commitment to nurturing a vibrant workforce. This recognition joins Chatbooks' ever-growing collection of accolades, including 2022's Top Workplaces USA, 2022 Fortune Best Workplace for Women, and the 2022 Best Workplaces in Technology, among others.

Central to Chatbooks' success is its nurturing work culture, characterized by several key elements:

  1. Mandatory Time-Off Policies: In response to pandemic-induced burnout, Chatbooks pioneered mandatory 'time-off' policies. Employees are mandated to disengage for a week each quarter, culminating in a two-week company-wide vacation annually. This approach ensures team members recharge, nurturing their optimal performance.
  2. Gender-Equal Opportunities: Women hold 60% of leadership roles at Chatbooks. Emphasizing internal promotions and cross-team learning, the company mandates considering three female candidates for each new hire.
  3. Remote-First Work Environment: By embracing remote work beyond traditional tech hubs, Chatbooks has diversified its talent pool outside Silicon Slopes. The annual 'Chatfest' in-person event solidifies team bonds every June.
  4. Family-Strengthening Flexibility: Co-founders Nate and Vanessa Quigley prioritize a holistic company culture, allowing employees to balance work and personal lives seamlessly. This ethos resonates through flexible schedules and time off for familial and personal endeavors.
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