Tracking First Closes $4M Seed Round, Announces New CEO


I've heard stories of the old one-two startup news combination. One second you're sitting there and BAM, a left cross of funding hits you in the face. Before you can gather your wits, BLAMMO, a right hook of CEO announcing crams you right in the kisser. Stunned, you fall to the floor. A man wearing a moisture-wicking polo and flat-bill hat materializes from thin air, slapping his hand against the floor 10 times and declaring you down for the count. "IT'S OVER!" he screams. "GO HOME, FOLKS! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!" In a daze, you endorse the man for two different skills on LinkedIn - business news deliverance and sterling startup attire. He leaves and endorses you for nothing.

Today, Tracking First has put on boxing gloves and delivered a one-two combination for the ages. First, a seed round: $4 million led by Silverton Partners, with participation from Kickstart Seed Fund. Second, a new CEO: Verl Allen, who has an incredibly cool first name and brings a wealth of experience from 20+ years in the industry, including corporate development and strategy roles at Omniture and Adobe. Let's take a deep breath and let this all sink in.

"Faulty data inevitably leads to flawed analysis, and nowhere is the problem more pronounced than within marketing campaigns," said Craig Scribner, co-founder of Tracking First. "We started Tracking First to restore restore faith in those analytics and enable clients to transition safely and securely to a data-driven paradigm."

Scribner and John Boyd co-founded Tracking First to relieve the burden companies face with manual maintenance of data. They now give digital marketers the ability to access data from multiple campaigns (across multiple systems) in one source. That's what the startup people like to call fast, accurate, actionable data.

"When I saw the Tracking First solution, I knew it would serve as a remedy for enterprise marketers everywhere," said Verl. "I'm looking forward to accelerating upon the strong growth the company has experienced and helping marketers and analysts gain deeper insights into enterprise wide campaign performance."


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