Transforming Education: Instructure & Khan Academy Unveil AI-Powered Learning System for Students & Educators

Instructure and Khan Academy have announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing education through the integration of generative artificial intelligence into the Canvas learning environment. This collaboration combines Instructure's widely-used learning management system (Canvas) with Khan Academy's AI-powered student tutor and teaching assistant (known as Khanmigo).

The integrated solution seeks to empower both educators and students with the transformative potential of generative AI. For educators, this means enhanced support in their day-to-day instruction with features like technology-assisted essay feedback and grading, lesson planning, and rubric creation. By leveraging Khanmigo's capabilities, teachers will be able to personalize learning experiences for each student and increase their impact in unprecedented ways.

On the other hand, students will also benefit from the use of generative AI. In a world where access to information is readily available through intelligent agents, the need for tools that guide and support active learning is critical. Khanmigo's tutoring capabilities will specifically focus on helping students use generative AI ethically and with integrity, enabling them to demonstrate authentic work while benefiting from the support of AI.

Said Sal Khan, founder/CEO of Khan Academy, "Every educator we talk to is seeking ways to address students using ChatGPT to write school essays and do homework. How can classrooms use AI tools, while ensuring students develop critical thinking skills? We're teaming up with Instructure to solve this. We're using AI to show teachers not just the final essay, but how the student got there. So students will be supported in developing critical writing and thinking skills, while getting the benefit of AI designed for education. Khanmigo can also help with rubric creation and grading, saving teachers time. Students won't get answers, but they will get appropriate levels of support."

To ensure the efficacy of these AI tools and their impact on student outcomes, Instructure's Learn Platform independent research team and Khan Academy's educational research team will collaborate on designing research for early adopters. This research will shed light on the AI's role in assisting both teachers and students in achieving their learning objectives.

During the 2024-2025 school year, Instructure and Khan Academy will bring Canvas and Khanmigo together for a cohort of K-12 and Higher Ed design partners and early adopters. Institutions interested in piloting this innovative solution can sign up through the Emerging AI Marketplace.

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