"Try" Before you Buy with Seek

In the past few years we’ve all become a little more accustomed to the online experience, and especially the online shopping experience. But last year definitely kicked things up a notch. Most of us were at home, sweats on, computers out- work, shop, live, eat, sleep, repeat. Spending a lot of time in our living spaces drew attention to the areas that we’d neglected or wanted to change, and pretty soon you’re perusing online stores like Overstock to find a new desk, table, or bed. Visualizing an object in a room- whether it’s art, furniture, rugs, or something else isn’t easy, and returning a large item like that is a real pain. So what to do? Augmented Reality (AR) to the rescue, and coming in front was Seek.

What started as a treasure hunting AR idea has evolved into a patented technology that brings 3D and AR images to any platform. Whether you’re buying or selling, you want to see your product from every angle, and Seek’s WebAR technology brings that option with no muss no fuss. Seek was in line for 2020 to be a great year, and when the pandemic hit, their technology became ultra important to consumers.

As the year went on, Seek found themselves in demand, signing with big players like Lego, Nestle, Overstock.com, Nixon, and Walmart. Using Seek’s technology, users save time and money buying the things they want, and it's easier than ever to "try before you buy". Thinking about that new dining room table but you're not sure it fits? Put it in your space using Seek's 3D and AR technology. Actually seeing the item in your room makes it easier to ensure you're happy with it before you buy it, eliminating the need to figure out how to return something like a table. Since March 2020, the company has grown 300%, seeing a 600% increase in AR usage on its clients’ websites. Through the success, Seek’s team has stayed constant- heads down, working to make the best of a hard situation for others. CEO and cofounder Jon Cheney says, “We built something of immense value, and it’s really satisfying for us. We have such an amazing team and we’ve worked really hard to get to this point.”

With a recent patent issuance, possible acquisitions, and a lot of growth on the horizon, the company remains a frontrunner Saas company in Utah. “This technology is so exciting,” says Jon. “The possibilities are limitless, and I think we’ll see more and more businesses utilizing it as well as users wanting it.”

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