Two Utah Entrepreneurs Launch Snap

The Snap Kickstarter campaign officially launched today.

The Snap product has been sitting in Eric Child’s garage for more than a year just hoping to one day be released into the world. Thanks to two Utah entrepreneurs, Nathan Bradshaw and Craig Morris, Snap’s day to shine has finally arrived.

Child, co-founder of Fiberfix, is credited as the inventor of the Snap product, but he was too busy to work on Snap because of the success of his other products (he appeared on Shark Tank), so he happily agreed to let Bradshaw and Morris run with it.

Bradshaw and Morris first met four years ago while working at Zagg in the Product Development department. After meeting with Child and seeing the potential of Snap, the two budding entrepreneurs convinced him to let them try to raise the funds necessary to bring the product to market.

The Snap Kickstarter campaign officially launched today with the hopes of raising at least $40,000 by May 3, 2014.

Snap is supposed to be the most efficient attachment system on the market. It allows you to attach any portable device to any surface or accessory in seconds.

Attaching your portable device to the wall, your bike, the car head-rest, or anything else usually requires a separate attachment system for each type of accessory or surface. With Snap, you can attach the female side to your portable device, and the male counterpart can then attach to any other surface or accessory. Using commercial grade 3M material as the adhesive, and simple plastic/silicone for the attachment parts, Snap is simple in design, powerful in application, and easy to use anywhere.

Prior to founding Snap, Bradshaw co-founded OLIXO, a global sourcing, manufacturing, and procurement firm located in Salt Lake City. Morris has been working in product development for the more than six years, and is using that experience to bring Snap to market.

“I find myself meeting people everyday that influence decisions that I make and increase opportunities in business,” said Morris. “I am passionate about creating new companies and adding value every place that I can.”

Published 3/19/2014

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