Utah Genius awards innovators, companies for creativity


By Joey Ferguson

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Genius honored several Utah inventors and tramark registrants for their creativity, including Merit Medical chief executive Fred Lampropoulos who received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Utah Genius awards were presented by Bateman IP Law Group.

“We are consistently impressed with the volume of patents and trademarks that come out of Utah,” said Randall B. Bateman, founder of Bateman IP, at the Little America Hotel where the awards banquet was held. “The Utah Genius Awards serve as a reminder to us all of the incredible people and companies that call this state home.”

Here is a list of the 2013 recipients:

**Utah’s Top Inventors **
David R. Hall 1st place 41 Patents
Gregory J. Boss 2nd place 33 Patents
Stephen R Carter 3rd place 24 Patents
David Flynn 4th place 20 Patents
John Strasser 5th place 16 Patents
Daniel F. Justin 6th place 15 Patents
Kenneth E. Bertagnolli 7th place 13 Patents
T. Wade Fallin 7th place 13 Patents
Scott Dahlgren 7th place 13 Patents
Jonathan Thatcher 7th place 13 Patents
David Brian Jackson 11th place 12 Patents
Lloyd Leon Burch 11th place 12 Patents
Wendell Peery 13th place 11 Patents
Ronald B. Crockett 13th place 11 Patents
Michael A. Vail 15th place 10 Patents
Randall R. Cook 15th place 10 Patents
Bruce Raile 17th place 9 Patents
Zhong Chen 17th place 9 Patents
Qi Wang 19th place 8 Patents
Jonathan Marshall 19th place 8 Patents
Craig H. Cooley 19th place 8 Patents
Brett Michael Error 19th place 8 Patents
John Howard Gordon 19th place 8 Patents

Utah’s Top Patent Companies
University of Utah Research Foundation 1st place 90 Patents
International Business Machines Corporation 2nd place 50 Patents
Symantec Corporation 3rd place 32 Patents
Novell, Inc. (NetIQ) 3rd place 32 Patents
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 5th place 29 Patents
Schlumberger Technology Corporation 6th place 28 Patents
US Synthetic Corporation 7th place 25 Patents
3form, Inc. 8th place 23 Patents
Autoliv ASP, Inc. 9th place 22 Patents
Lifetime Products, Inc. 9th place 22 Patents
Bard Access Systems, Inc. 11th place 21 Patents
Fusion-IO, Inc. 11th place 21 Patents
Brigham Young University 13th place 17 Patents
BD Medical 14th place 14 Patents
Alliant Techsystems Inc. 14th place 14 Patents
Ceramatec, Inc. 14th place 14 Patents
Adobe Systems Incorporated 17th place 13 Patents
Adaptive Computing 18th place 12 Patents
L-3 Communications 18th place 12 Patents
Icon IP 20th place 11 Patents

**Utah’s Top 20 Trademark Registrants **
MonaVie LLC 1st place 30 Trademarks
Uinta Brewing Company 3rd place 19 Trademarks
BROWNING CORPORATION 4th place 14 Trademarks
SelectHealth Inc. 5th place 13 Trademarks
Brigham Young University 6th place 9 Trademarks
DCWV Acquisition Corporation 6th place 9 Trademarks
Fusion-IO Inc. 6th place 9 Trademarks
Integratechs Inc. 6th place 9 Trademarks
Franklin Covey Co. 6th place 9 Trademarks
1–800 CONTACTS INC 11th place 8 Trademarks
Clyde Companies Inc. 11th place 8 Trademarks
Cytozyme Laboratories Inc. 11th place 8 Trademarks
Malouf Fine Linens 11th place 8 Trademarks
NLU PRODUCTS L.L.C. 11th place 8 Trademarks
Orca MD LLC 11th place 8 Trademarks
PMA Media Group 11th place 8 Trademarks
Wasatch Advisors Inc. 11th place 8 Trademarks
Zions Bancorporation 11th place 8 Trademarks
4Life Trademarks LLC 20th place 7 Trademarks
ANCESTRY.COM DNA LLC 20th place 7 Trademarks
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals 20th place 7 Trademarks
Craft Supplies USA 20th place 7 Trademarks
Jewel Kade Holdings LLC 20th place 7 Trademarks
Overstock.com Inc. 20th place 7 Trademarks
Icon IP 20th place 7 Trademarks

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