Utah Comin' in Hot! Check Out the "Inc. Best-Led Companies of 2021"

You know it, I know it, but sometimes the people outside of Utah don't quite know it yet. That's why seeing eight Utah-grown companies on the Inc. Best-Led Companies of 2021 list is so gratifying.

Out of 250 companies, the eight Utah companies (in alphabetical order) that made the list are Domo, Health Catalyst, Health Equity, Lucid, Overstock, Owlet, Pattern, and Vivint.

The companies on Inc.'s list are those midsize companies with an annual revenue of $50 million to $2 billion and are based in the United States. They're big enough to make waves, but small enough to move quickly when needed. According to Inc., "They employ 35 million people--about one in four U.S. workers," and, "They deliver nearly 40 percent of the country's economic vitality."

But we're not just talking about success by numbers, although yes, that's surely an important part of leadership. To rank the companies, Inc. used a 14-point comparison for management excellence across the middle market. Thriving companies don't just make the money- they make it because they're well-run. A positive work experience leads to better work performance which leads to success. It's not rocket science, but some companies just understand the assignment better than others.

In a recent press release following the Inc. list release, Pattern Co-Founder and CEO David Wright said, “We are honored by the recognition, as it demonstrates the incredible power of teams working together towards aligned objectives. We’re grateful to work alongside our global team of game-changing, data-fanatical doers that power our global ecommerce acceleration platform for brands.”

A huge congrats to Domo, Health Catalyst, Health Equity, Lucid, Overstock, Owlet, Pattern, and Vivint. We love having well-led companies in Utah and Silicon Slopes.

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