Utah Technology Council Unites With Silicon Slopes

The two organizations will operate under the same umbrella to better serve Utah’s startup and tech community.


The Utah Technology Council (UTC) has joined forces with Silicon Slopes to unite Utah’s startup and tech community. The UTC organization and its stellar legacy of public policy, advocacy, and world-class events will continue to thrive within the Silicon Slopes ecosystem. In addition, Banyan CEO, Carine Clark, has been appointed the new chair of UTC. Silicon Slopes co-founder and executive director, Clint Betts, will assume the same role on behalf of both entities.

“Silicon Slopes couldn’t be more thrilled to unite with UTC to continue serving Utah’s startup and tech community,” said Betts. “We’re committed to continuing the rich heritage of UTC and view this as a marriage of equals. Today’s news was made possible thanks to the leadership of UTC’s executive committee and its outgoing president and CEO, John Knotwell. John is a remarkable leader who truly puts what’s best for our community above everything else. This deal wouldn’t have happened and Silicon Slopes wouldn’t be what it is today without John and UTC’s incredible leadership.”

As a 501(c)(3), the Silicon Slopes organization will continue to empower Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect, and serve in order to make entrepreneurship and opportunity in Silicon Slopes open and accessible to all. As a 501(c)(6), the UTC organization will become the voice of Silicon Slopes on public policy, advocacy, and government relations. Our community’s collective voice will only be magnified and strengthened with these two organizations united under the same leadership and mission.

“Years ago, UTC plowed new ground in Utah and it has blossomed into the fastest growing tech scene in America,” said Knotwell. “I’m proud of our history and even more proud to have a small part in bringing these two remarkable organizations together, uniting our efforts to build the strongest, most inclusive and most connected innovation community in the country.”

Current members of UTC will continue to receive all of the benefits associated with their membership, as well as an invitation to become a bronze sponsor of the Silicon Slopes organization at no additional cost. UTC events and programming will also continue as planned. Uniting these two organizations allows for every member of the community to have a seat at the table, to make their voice heard, and be able to contribute to the future of our state and ecosystem in an unparalleled fashion.

“I’m excited to see the rich legacy of UTC continue and our community strengthened by this coming together,” said Clark. “It’s an amazing achievement to have these two organizations united and continually striving to make Utah the best place to live, work, and play.”

More than 300,000 people now work in tech in Utah. No industry is growing at a faster pace. By uniting UTC and Silicon Slopes, all members of the tech industry now have the ability to lock arms to address the unprecedented growth and challenges that come from the type of success we’ve managed to achieve. There’s never been a better time to live and work in Silicon Slopes.

“We are so excited for these two organizations to be coming together,” said outgoing UTC chair, Kathryn Murphy. “This truly is the best of both and it will benefit our growing technology community. We are thrilled to join forces and lead with one voice!”

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