Utah's Stan Hansen Joins Egnyte as CRO

You've got a lot of personal information- passwords, important info, even credit cards all floating around in "the cloud", but how safe is all that important information? Now let's multiply that and look at it from a business standpoint. Stressed out? We don't blame you. That's why cloud content security companies like Egnyte are growing more important every day, and they've got the growth to prove it.

In the first six months of this year, Egnyte has hired 128 employees and had over 40% growth. Because of this rapid movement, Egnyte is hiring people like Utah's own homegrown go-getter, Stan Hansen.

With an impressive resume, including Adobe and Domo, Stan most recently worked with Pluralsight as a key player when the company went public in 2018. Stan joins Egnyte as the new Chief Revenue Officer with big plans, loads of experience, and a strong drive for a presence in Utah.

Will we see an Egnyte Silicon Slopes location in the next six months? I'll give you a hint, Stan said you betcha.

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