UTOPIA Fiber Lands $23.5 Million Contract to Build All-Fiber Network Throughout Syracuse

The Syracuse City Council signed a contract with Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA) to "bring fiber internet access to all residents and businesses in Syracuse City."

According to the press release, this $23.5 million project will begin in 2022. This contract was signed in partnership with Murray, Utah-based UTOPIA Fiber, Utah Infrastructure Agency's "sister agency."

According to Mayor Mike Gailey:

"UTOPIA Fiber will deliver on speed, capacity, and reliability, and more importantly, has the track record to help us be successful. This fits the bill in Syracuse, both for residents and our economic development."

UTOPIA Fiber now has 17 cities on its all-fiber network, and customers can choose which telecommunication service they want via UTOPIA.

Additionally, Roger Timmerman, Executive Director and CEO of UTOPIA Fiber, stated, "We’re really excited to expand the UTOPIA Fiber network to Syracuse City, giving residents and businesses real choice among our 15 private sector internet service providers."

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