Vivint Smart Lighting Wants to Transform Your Home with Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Vivint Smart Home recently unveiled its latest offering, Vivint Smart Lighting, a sophisticated lighting solution designed to enhance home safety, intelligence, and sustainability. Vivint Smart Lighting is comprised of three main components and will be available starting on August 23. The Vivint Smart Light Switch eliminates the need for electrical work and can be affixed over existing switches or on surfaces without switches, allowing users to "rewire" their homes effortlessly. It provides intuitive controls for dimming lights and can be operated via the switch, voice commands, or the Vivint app. Smart Bulbs, compatible with Zigbee technology, replace traditional bulbs and offer a range of options such as Standard A19 bulbs, Flood bulbs (BR30), and LED recessed lights, with more choices coming soon. Additionally, the Vivint Smart Lighting Bridge serves as a dedicated communication hub, ensuring seamless integration with the Vivint Smart Hub and expanding the smart home and security capabilities.

Vivint Smart Lighting synchronizes flawlessly with existing Vivint automation features, enabling users to create customized actions and automation scenarios. Homeowners can configure settings to have their lights automatically turn on as they arrive, ensuring they never return to a dark house. Another innovative feature, Away Lighting, simulates occupancy even when homeowners are away, enhancing security by giving the impression that someone is always home.

The integration of Vivint Smart Lighting with the Vivint Smart Home system also enhances the effectiveness of Smart Deter, an existing security feature. When triggered by Vivint outdoor cameras or a doorbell camera, Smart Lighting activates, replicating the presence of occupants and deterring potential threats with lighting and audible alerts.

The Vivint Smart Lighting solution offers easy expansion and customization. Users can effortlessly install additional switches throughout their homes, even in areas lacking existing switches, providing convenient control from any location. Unlike some smart lighting systems that rely solely on Wi-Fi, Vivint Smart Lighting operates on a dedicated Zigbee network, reducing strain on the home network.

Vivint Smart Lighting ensures uninterrupted control over lights, even when a light switch is turned off. Unlike traditional systems that rely on constant power, Vivint's solution offers multiple control options—through the Vivint Smart Light Switch, the mobile app, or voice commands.

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