Waterford School Partners with Silicon Slopes

Silicon Slopes is excited to announce the Waterford School x Silicon Slopes Sponsors Scholarship Program, an exciting new partnership with Waterford School. In this new partnership, fifteen $10,000 merit-based scholarships will be made available for the qualified children of full-time employees of Silicon Slopes sponsoring companies.

As Utah expands, specifically in the technology sector in Utah, supporting this growth has been paramount for Silicon Slopes. Key factors influencing sector growth include the economy and job opportunities, affordability of housing, and accessibility to high-quality education.

"We are thrilled about our partnership with Waterford School." said Clint Betts, Executive Director of Silicon Slopes, "There is nothing more important than supporting the families of the employees who enrich Silicon Slopes. This partnership provides an opportunity for the next generation in Utah to have access to a world-class education. Waterford School is a national leader in K-12 education, and the value of this partnership will be great for the employees of the companies within Silicon Slopes and to the technology sector here in Utah."

Silicon Slopes was built out of the ideal of learning, connecting and serving the many influential and startup tech companies along the Wasatch Front, and to fuel this vitality through strategic partnerships. Waterford believes in support of this effort by sharing a world-class liberal arts education for local families along the Wasatch Front and for new families relocating to the area for the first time, all who want to provide the best education for their children.

“This is an exciting partnership for the Wasatch Front,” said Todd Winters, Director of Enrollment Management, Waterford School. “A new study found the tech sector in Utah now accounts for more than 300,000 jobs in the state. That’s 1 in every 7 jobs in Utah. So it’s evident why this is a most exciting opportunity. This scholarship will make a Waterford education available to highly-qualified students whose parent(s) contribute to this vital sector of our economy.”

The Sponsors Scholarship is intended to recognize the exceptional accomplishment and merit of highly motivated and top-level students, as well as those students who have demonstrated talents in STEM, the humanities, the fine and performing arts, athletics, community service, leadership, and other curricular and co-curricular passions.

In addition to demonstrating outstanding academic achievement, eligible students must be applying for admission to Grades I-X, and their parent must be a full-time employee of a sponsoring Silicon Slopes company. The ideal candidates will also look to share a commitment to Waterford’s Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Curiosity, Responsibility and Caring. The scholarship is renewable annually through graduation.

All employees of Silicon Slopes sponsoring companies can reach out to learn more about these scholarships through Waterford School’s Admissions Office by scheduling a campus visit or visiting their own Human Resource departments. More about the Waterford School x Silicon Slopes Sponsors Scholarship Program can be found, here.

Waterford School

Waterford School is Utah’s premier liberal arts, college preparatory private school for students in Preschool through High School. Student learning is Waterford School’s reason for being. Since its founding, the School has instilled habits of independent thought, critical thinking, responsibility, passionate learning, and service to others. Waterford School’s liberal arts program provides a strong foundation, and the campus culture prepares students to pursue lives of meaning and purpose. Waterford delivers a world-class liberal arts education distinguished by a rich curriculum, an outstanding faculty, a deep commitment to student growth, and a learning environment that is caring, nurturing, and inspiring.

Silicon Slopes

Silicon Slopes is the voice, hub, and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect, and serve in an effort to make entrepreneurship and opportunity in Silicon Slopes open and accessible to all.

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