Weave Founder Brandon Rodman Announces Previ, And It's REAL Good.

A few weeks ago a friend and her husband went on a trip to Hawaii and paid for almost the whole thing with credit card points. How long did it take to save up all those points? Three years. Might as well be 30, right? We all get psyched about those 100K bonus points we get for signing up for a credit card, but if you're not a big spender, it takes a while to rack up enough points to do anything. Don't be discouraged though, a new way to pay is here! Say hello to Previ.

Cofounded by Brandon Rodman, former founder and CEO of Weave, Previ isn't a credit card, rather, it's a way to pay directly from your paycheck. Previ gives you 10%-20% cash back, which is bonkers compared to the usual 1%-3% of your average credit card.

Previ is starting out with a bang on something most of us have–a phone. Previ will give you 20% cash back on your monthly bill. For me, that's $1000 back in my pocket, and with the cost of fuel and groceries for four boys, I'm all over that.

“I can’t overstate how much excitement, energy, love and effort has gone into the early days of building Previ to make a meaningful impact for Silicon Slopes and for people everywhere," says Brandon. "We hope everyone will love Previ as much as we do and will sign up and tell others. We need your support more than ever. Tell us what you like and what we can do to improve the product. We will listen intently and work tirelessly to deliver a product that you will love. It’s fun to be building again and we can’t wait for you to see everything we have dreamed up.”

I don't know how they're doing it, but we the people are ready for it. Be the first to experience Previ and reserve your spot on the waitlist by going to previ.com.

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