Whistic Welcomes $12M in Series A Funding

Whistic, like so many other ideas, was born out of trying to solve another problem. Cloud based software has been around for a while, but vendor security has been a common pain point in cloud-based businesses. Enter in, Whistic.

Whistic provides proactive vendor security, meaning they provide info even before it's requested. Data security is of utmost importance, especially in the ever evolving tech world. When you purchase a software service, you give your data or your customer's data to that third party vendor. Companies want to make sure they can trust the vendor, so they send hundreds of questions regarding security and compliance, the questions are answered, and then the company reads the questions. This "long hand" laborious process was an awful but necessary pain point for many businesses. Not only does this process take time, but it also lends to other road blocks. Sales, for example, gets slowed to a halt waiting for security questionnaires to be returned. Whistic takes company information and questionnaire answers and stores them, so when they need access to the data, it's ready to go.

Whistic has grown and developed at a steady pace, and have recently welcomed a $12M Series A, led by Emergence with participation from Album VC and existing investors. CEO Nick Sorensen explains that the company has taken a slightly different approach with the growth of Whistic, "The fundraising is an amazing milestone, and we're excited to have the Emergence team with us, but what we liked about Emergence is that they want to build a lasting company that's going to be around for a long time. In the early days of Whistic, our goal wasn't to raise institutional funding as fast as possible, our goal was to build a cash flow positive business first."

Since its launch in 2019, Whistic's catalog has grown 30X, with over 14,000 company profiles accessible on-demand. Their customer base includes names like Qualtrics, Airbnb, Okta, and Betterment, and partnerships with respected organizations including RiskRecon, BitSight, FICO ®, the Cloud Security
Alliance. Whistic has also announced integration with Salesforce, simplifying the security questionnaire process and establishing trust early in the sales cycle.

Whistic's company culture of responsible growth is accompanied by their "Whistic DNA" which is part of everything they do.

"Since our founding, we’ve not only cared about our results, we care about how we achieve them. As such, living our values is not evaluated independent of performance, it is a core component of it."

This is Whistic DNA. Purposeful prioritization- family, customer, self- illustrates the importance of people rather than things. Family day, early Friday's, and a social distance event day are among the ways they prioritize their people.

Whistic's recent social distance summer event

Other DNA components are Extreme Ownership, Start-up Mentality, Driven by Data, and Voracious Learning, along with details and helpful ways to implement these points. Whistic has a company culture to strive for, and with this recent funding they're hoping to expand and continue to grow at a steady rate.

To learn more about Whistic visit whistic.com

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