Winners Announced for the 17th Annual Utah Innovation Awards

The Utah Innovation Awards is a statewide program recognizing innovations and the Utah companies that created them. Last Thursday was the 17th annual Awards Presentation at the Rose Wagner Theater presented by Stoel Rives LLP and Silicon Slopes.

Winners were announced and finalists, honorable mentions, and early stage innovation recipients were celebrated. It was an evening full of pride and camaraderie as amazing new technologies and products were highlighted and companies were recognized for their hard work.

The finalists were divided into ten different categories: Clean Technology & Energy, Community Innovation, Computer Hardware & Electrical Device, Consumer Products, Consumer Software, Enterprise Software, Life Science: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical, Life Science: Medical Device, Outdoor Products, and Professional Services.

The winners for each category were:

See an extended list of winners with additional information about their companies & products here.

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