ObservePoint Closes $19M Series B Round, Led By Mercato Partners And Pelion Venture Partners

Let’s Observe and Point with a funding poem.

Provo-based ObservePoint has announced a $19 million Series B Round led by Mercato Partners and Pelion Venture Partners. As part of the investment, Ryan Sanders of Mercato will join the ObservePoint Board of Directors.

“We believe that this round of funding will help ObservePoint realize our vision of being the undisputed leader in a growing data market,” said John Pestana, co-founder of ObservePoint. “We view Mercato and Pelion as long-term strategic partners, and we respect both firms’ deep experience when it comes to helping companies accelerate and manage growth.”

For Mercato, this marks the first time they’ve invested in ObservePoint — for Pelion this is round two, joining the $6.5 million Series A round they led alongside Peak Ventures.

I’m not going to spend too much time on the founding story of ObservePoint because been there, done that — you can read about the origins of their data-based journey here. I will, however, spend some time on a funding poem because that’s a craze sweeping the nation and how I could I resist the siren’s call? ObservePoint Series B round funding poem, commence.

Observe And Point

Using data, we Observe and Point.

Only through information we rise
to a plane of higher understanding.
Only through information we gaze
down a microscope at tiny pieces of ourselves.

Using experience, we Observe and Point.

We know that 19 million of anything can unlock
any avenue, twisting and curling
through the snow-capped peaks, vast deserts,
and chocolate milk rivers we call home.

Using pride, we Observe and Point.

We applaud when a business gains wings
and soars into loftier heights,
happy for the people who’ve found success,
excited by the possibility that we might be next.

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