VidAngel Studios Launches

“We’ll offer original family-friendly content, with technical innovations that will provide a unique experience.”

On the heels of Monday’s bad legal news, VidAngel hosted a launch party wherein they announced both their plans to keep up the good fight and appeal Jude Birrotte’s ruling, and the launch of VidAngel Studios.

“The legal battle for filtering is far from over,” says VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon.” “We are seeking a stay of the injunction, and are appealing the judge’s decision. But as we fight through the legal process, VidAngel will continue to be America’s home for family-friendly content. That’s why today we’re announcing the launch of VidAngel Studios — something we have been working on for years.”

Harmon offers a full statement in a Facebook video. I take issue with the assertion that the press is just now covering VidAngel (ahem) (JK, I can’t call myself a journalist and keep a straight face), but am glad to hear that VidAngel has a clear path forward legally and businessally. It’s a word.

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