Optima Healthcare Solutions Acquires Salem, UT-based Hospicesoft

“I’m delighted that Optima recognizes Utah as a hub for technology talent.”

Lately, Utah has made many a list touting up-and-coming tech hubs. Like this one from Forbes that declares Salt Lake City the best city for young professionals in America. Or this one from Inc that recognizes the tech boom happening in Provo, Ogden, and SLC.

Sadly, there is one city in Utah that hasn’t made any tech lists, at least any that I’m aware of: Salem, a quiet town 15 minutes south of Provo that’s known more for a large pond than any tech accomplishments. Until now…

Hospicesoft is a company started and currently operating in Salem, a provider of cloud-based software for hospices. They have been acquired by Optima Healthcare Solutions (a Florida-based company that concentrates exclusively on cloud-based solutions for post-acute care providers) but fear not, they will still call Salem home.

“I’m delighted that Optima recognizes Utah as a hub for technology talent and plans to maintain Hospicesoft’s headquarters and all of its staff,” said Rex Hale, founder of Hospicesoft. “I believe Hospicesoft’s customers will benefit from Optima’s greater resources, its modern software development approach, and its relentless focus on providing an amazing customer experience. I’m excited to see the combined company deliver a truly differentiated solution that combines modern cloud-based technology, ease of use and rich compliance-oriented functionality.”

You can read more on the acquisition here.

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