Imagining The Metaverse S.1 Ep.5: When Dreams Become Reality

Would you base jump if you could get all the real sensations of the experience without the rigorous training and high entry cost?

In this episode of Imagining the Metaverse Nicki Sanders and Scott Paul sit down with James Jensen, Co-Founder and CEO of Jump Limitless Flight, to discuss hyper realistic simulation through VR based technology.

They discuss how James and team built The VOID to create experiences that weren’t actually possible, like participating in a Star Wars adventure. With The VOID, they created a mixed reality environment through synchronized audio and physical effects like; scent, wind, heat, and different vibrations in order to immerse users into the experience.

With Jump, James takes things to the next level through experiences that are possible in real life but little have access to. However, is there a greater use for these hyper realistic environments outside of recreation and entertainment? The three discuss the future of VR including uses in education and training.  James describes "[VR can be] a training room for your mind” that can ultimately help you to enhance your experiences in reality.

Is it possible to reach “flow state” through hyper realistic simulation?

Check out the full episode here:

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