Dynamic Blending Increases Manufacturing Capacity

Vineyard-based Dynamic Blending has announced a major expansion, effectively  doubling their manufacturing space as well as increasing product offerings.

"The Blendology experience is a fully immersive, hands-on experience," said Gavin Collier, JD and co-founder/principal of Dynamic Blending. "This chemistry center will incorporate the newest technology in green chemistry and sustainable packaging and will support our customers in learning and understanding the differences between ingredients. Our goal is that Blendology will allow our customers to make more informed decisions in developing their products and formulations and take some of the guessing out of the process."

Dynamic Blending is a contract manufacturer of skincare, supplements, cosmetics and more. The company has received some major awards, including the Inc. 5000 #1 in Utah in 2020. With so much going on and such rapid growth, Dynamic Blending has also announced an an in-house Quality Control Lab designed to meet and exceed the best product quality standards.

In a recent press release, Jordan Erskine, Co-Founder & Principal, stated,

“The new quality control lab and processes set the highest level used by only a few of the world’s largest manufacturers. Having this space to focus on developing accurate and reproducible formulas saves time and ensures an even better final product for each customer. We planned this expansion for a long time and look forward to how the expansion improves the client experience.”

To learn more about dynamic blending visit dynamicblending.com

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