M&P Ep. 25: Dan Roberts & Matt Robers, Cofounders of Savvi Legal

Meat and Potatoes shines a light on the people in Silicon Slopes who get things done. Hosted by Silicon Slopes Director of Operations Garrett Clark and random interns we explore how, why, and when they get those things done, and why their work is the meat and potatoes of Utah’s tech community.

In episode 24, the brothers Roberts. Dan and Matt are the Co-founders of Savvi Legal which simplifies and streamlines the legal process for founders of high-growth startups who need to form their business, prepare for financing, or grow their team. Basically, all the stuff company founders do not like doing or screw up. We talk about where the idea came from, how the product was built, and how they plan to scale. This is the first Meat & Potatoes podcast with a founding team of brothers so naturally, the host tried to get a good story of the last time they had a dustup and who won.

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