M&P Ep. 220 Scott Needham, SmartScout

Join Garrett Clark as he meets with CEO and Founder of SmartScout, Scott Needham. SmartScout is a revolutionary software platform that collects millions of data points from brands and e-commerce markets such as Amazon to help sellers make decisions that increase revenue, improve ad efficiency, and find new opportunities. In their conversation, Scott shares the founding story, current business model, and future of SmartScout.

SmartScout's founding story first began while Scott was a seller on Amazon. As a seller on a (at the time) new marketplace, Scott faced many challenges. These challenges ranged from building a brand to finding strategic opportunities, which are challenges every new seller faces. After learning about the need from a lot of Reddit users, Scott decided to take matters in his own hands and founded SmartScout—the competitor research platform vital for new and experienced sellers.

Throughout the conversation, you'll gain unparalleled insights into SmartScout's current business model and its profound impact on the world of e-commerce. Discover how this innovative platform is leveling the playing field for sellers of all sizes, enabling them to compete and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, an e-commerce enthusiast, or simply curious about the dynamic world of online business, this episode is a must-listen. Join Garrett Clark and Scott Needham as they uncover the hidden gems of e-commerce innovation.

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‎Show Meat & Potatoes Podcast, Ep M&P Ep. 220 Scott Needham, SmartScout - Aug 23, 2023

Meat & Potatoes Podcast is Silicon Slopes longest standing podcast show. The podcast highlights Utah startups and celebrates, promotes, and features business leaders within and outside the Silicon Slopes community.

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