M&P Ep. 72: Jeff Lyman & Jake Goeckeritz, Weave

Weave's Chief Product Officer, Jeff Lyman, and Weave's Head of Marketing Campaigns, Jake Goeckeritz, walk us through the Business Growth Summit-- the world's largest online business growth event presented by Weave. If you're a business owner (or want to be), Weave has created the ultimate on-demand experience for you. Listen to Jeff and Jake so you'll know what to expect, how to register for the free event, and even hear a little about Jeff's experience at Nike creating Lebron James's shoe line. This episode is short and sweet and sure to get you excited for the Business Growth Summit--where you'll dive into growing your business, retaining customers, and communicating like the professional you are. For more info, head to www.getweave.com/bgs.

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