Utah's Mergers and Acquisitions News

This article highlights recent acquisitions and merges that have happened in the last few months across Utah.

#1: Kenect Acquires Friendemic

Kenect is a business texting platform that can help double your business leads, provides a platform for you to receive honest reviews from your customers, and conduct transactions.

Friendemic provides digital connection tools to car dealerships, creating a personal communications between dealer personnel and customers.

Kenect CEO, Shaun Sorensen, stated the following in a news article:

“We are pleased to welcome the Friendemic team to Kenect and expand our capabilities for current customers and offer a broader set of opportunities for new customers...Friendemic’s focus on their customers and their deep relationships with dealers is exciting for Kenect.”

Since text messages are much more likely to be read than emails, these two companies have combined forces to provide personalized connection between company and customer.

#2: Biomerics Acquires Dependable Plastics

Biometrics has recently acquired Dependable Plastics. Biometrics serves the interventional medical device market, and Dependable Plastics specializes in advanced thermoforming, liquid cast resin molding, and additive manufacturing, according to the article.

Through this acquisition, Biomerics has created a new interventional medical plastics division (IMP) that will serve as a full-service plastic component supplier to interventional markets.

This new IMP division also offers new processes, including shielding, design services, robot-assisted surgery systems, and sub-assemblies.

Brett Poole, who is leading the IMP division, stated that Biomerics and Dependable Plastics are now working together towards a common goal: continuing Biomerics' "40-year history of excellence and integrating new capabilities into Biomerics."

#3: B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions and Advisors Acquires Becker Retirement Group

B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions and Advisors recently acquired Becker Retirement Group, helping those who are retiring reduce the risk on their investments, and minimize  the taxes on their retirement accounts, according to the press release.

Tyson Thacker, Founder of B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions, stated the following regarding the acquisition:

"The merger with Becker Retirement Group fits into B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions mission to help clients navigate their retirement challenges with confidence.  Retiring successfully will never happen by accident."

B.O.S.S. provides a superior and individualized client experience for their customers considering retirement, and this acquisition of Becker Retirement Group will make the customer process even more seamless.

Congratulations to these companies on their recent acquisitions and accomplishments!

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