M&P Ep. 179: Corry Cozens & Chad Staheli, Philo Ventures

Garrett Clark talks to Cory Cozzens and Chad Staheli from Philo Ventures about the three arms of their Utah-based Venture Studio: Philo Studio (0-1 startups), Philo Development (real estate and early stage land development), and Philo Fund (traditional VC). Their conversation covers the magic that happens when you focus on the early stages of value creation, the possibility and excitement that comes when someone says, “I have an idea!”, the 18-month process to go from a day-to-day co-founder role to a more traditional investor and mentorship role, the crucial part education plays in their platform, finding a balance between the inherent chaos of entrepreneurship and mitigating negative chaos, and knowing when to let go of a passion project.

For more information, check out Philo Ventures here.

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