M&P Ep. 189 Rafe Nielsen, Browning

In this episode of Meat & Potatoes, Rafe Nielsen, Director of Marketing at Browning, walks us through the history of Browning and the recent challenges the industry has had to overcome. Browning is a firearm and outdoor gear company headquartered in Morgan, Utah and has offices and factories in many different countries.

In their discussion, Nielsen shares how Browning navigated during the pandemic and the supply chain challenges. Later in the interview, they discuss how focusing Browning's products helped improve its understanding and relationships with the company's customers and how the recent spike of demand has been affecting Browning. Finally, Rafe shares Browning's partnerships with conservation groups and how important these partnership groups are to Browning.

To watch their full discussion, please follow the link below:

Meat & Potatoes Podcast is Silicon Slopes longest standing podcast show. The podcast highlights Utah startups and celebrates, promotes, and features business leaders within and outside the Silicon Slopes community.

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