Silicon Slopes Conversation with Jared Stewart, Founder of TribeHouse

In this Friday conversation, we were joined by Jared Stewart, Founder of TribeHouse. In this conversation, Jared and Garrett talk about how to build meaningful connections, rather than transactional relationships. They talk about TribeHouse and what they are doing for the community.

Jared and Garrett start out the conversation by talking about Jared's very first entrepreneurial venture, a dealership selling Nextel devices. He started a company called Compass which soon became the top Nextel dealer in the state. He built an entire structure around this business, which later went out of business. It was at this time that Jared decided he would never build on someone else's architecture again.

While Jared was building out the wireless company, he realized that every opportunity he was having was based on a connection. He did a lot of research and attended events and later found that there weren't very many polished systems that lead to relationships. So, he built out Corporate Alliance in conjunction with the wireless company. Once the wireless company came to an end, he decided to go full force with Corporate Alliance and charged $200 a year for these higher-valued relationship building opportunities.

Needless to say, they didn't make much money in that first year. However, they didn't let that stop them. They continued to master their craft and tested on their members to see what was working and what wasn't working. This process is what led them to write their book, Tribalry.

Garrett then talks about his experience going to his first TribeHouse retreat and how it really brought him out of his comfort zone and it's something he really enjoyed going to. Jared touches on those retreats and the levels of relationships and how storytelling is a main proponent in building meaningful connections. Jared said, "For whatever reason, storytelling allows you to build accelerated connection, and that’s the goal."

The conversation moves on to talk about the many different "tribes".

“A tribe means they have a passion or occupation to that specific thing.”

TribeHouse has many different tribes that you can join and enjoy face-to-face events and relationship building exercises.  A few of their tribes include; MomTribe, Tribe-X, CryptoTribe, and CompanyTribe.  Silicon Slopes also just partnered with them to launch a new division of Silicon Slopes called Slopes Collective.

To watch the full conversation, please follow the link below:

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