Provo’s 12-week, $3,500 developer training launches

Camp 4 offices in Provo, Utah

By Joey Ferguson

Camp 4 offices in Provo, Utah[/caption]

DevMountain is now accepting applications for its Fall 2013 program, which will start in Sept 9. Tuition will be $3,500 for the course and will be limited to 20 students.

The course will be held at Provo-based Camp 4, a shared-workspace and resource provider for startups.

“We think we have a unique offering considering the Camp 4 location and the ability to create partnerships with emerging tech startups,” Christian Faulconer said in an email. “We are also working on strategic partnerships with various tech companies in the valley.”

Cahlan Sharp, a product engineer at Provo-based Scan, will teach the course. DevMountain will focus on front-end development and teach Javascript, Node.js, workflows with Git and other tools.

“Camp 4 is the perfect environment for the DevMountain code boot camp,” said Sharp in a statement. “It will give our students a chance to interact with real technology businesses that are in need of development resources.”

Other developer training programs, like Salt Lake-based DevPoint Labs, charge up to $7,000 for tuition.

DevMountain is able to keep costs below its competitors through its partnership with Camp 4, who provides the classroom space, Faulconer said.

“Additionally, we feel that the market needs an after-hours program,” Faulconer said. “We will be teaching nights and weekends, so the course will require a fair amount of out of class work. The result is that we can keep our costs down and meet the market demand for an after-hours course.”

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