Rekon brings together gun community with social shooting app

By Jordan Phelps

A gun vault, challenges, scoring, training modules, personal challenge ops, ballistic engineering, and social sharing are just some of the highlights of the new app targeting the shooting community. Rekon, a Lehi-based startup and shooting app, is now on the app store.

“Rekon is the first mobile app of its kind designed specifically for the shooting community… that allows them to connect and interact with each other in a way that has never been possible,” said Pete Larkin, CMO and co-founder of Rekon. “Our real hope and desire is to bring shooters together in a fun, healthy, safe, competitive environment.”


Dan Larkin and his three co-founders, Austin Overman, Pete Larkin and Jeremy Smith, all wanted to help connect the shooting community throughout the world with a social platform that could also help them to improve their skills. Their new app, Rekon, allows users to engage in a customized and digitized central hub all from their smart phone.

“It is for everyone regardless of skill level or discipline, so it doesn’t matter what type of shooter you are, there is something for everyone there [in the app] where we can all get together and have an enjoyable experience,” said Larkin.

Currently Rekon is free to all users with an iOS operating system and there are about 600 active users since launching the app three weeks ago. Rekon is expecting to triple or quadruple their active users because of the partnerships and sponsorships they are doing to bring in more awareness of the new technology.

“We really believe that Rekon is the future of shooting. As well as, it will continue to be. We are committed to staying at the forefront of bringing shooters around the world new technologies that they can enjoy that will enhance and improve their shooting experiences, whether that’s through mobile technologies or physical products,” said Larkin.

Not only is there a social aspect of the new app that features standardized scoring and the ability to challenge friends wherever they might be, but the app also boasts the ability to analyze past shooting performance data to help a shooter improve his or her accuracy. The gun vault inside the app that allows users to save their preferred gun and ammo is the largest database of guns and ammunition. Training modules and more options on the premium version ($4.99 in the app store) will be released in the next month or two.

Rekon is a self-funded start up thus far but plans to take advantage of not only the startup and technology-friendly environment in Utah but also the established shooting community. They feel that gun safety is absolutely essential but that there needs to be an educational aspect as well. They created Rekon to be the future of shooting and to help the shooting community connect and interact in a more standardized way.

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