Return Of StartFEST In 2022 Wildly Successful

With thousands of attendees, StartFEST 2022 boosts the community startup vibe of the state of Silicon Slopes

With a cast of characters, supporters, and attendees numbering in the thousands, StartFEST 2022 represented both a blast from the past and a predictor for the future as organizations and individuals from across the state of Silicon Slopes gathered recently in Lehi, Utah to celebrate the startup community of Utah.

StartFEST is Utah’s original startup festival, and it was supported in 2022 by presenting sponsor, American Express, with dozens of additional sponsors and community partners each joining together to help entrepreneurs connect and celebrate Utah's startup ecosystem in the outdoor plaza adjacent to the Silicon Slopes headquarters in Lehi on Friday, June 24.

Although the global COVID-19 pandemic prevented StartFEST from being held in 2020 and 2021, this year’s event had no such limitations, and attendee after attendee noted how wonderful it was to come together again in a public setting to renew relationships and make new connections.

What was StartFEST 2022 like? Take two minutes and find out for yourself. Video produced by Silicon Slopes.

In addition to the party-like festival setting of StartFEST 2022, there were two primary competitions that were central to this year’s StartFEST:

For the StartMadness program, 10 finalists were selected from a pool of over 80 applicants:

  1. Ethik Collective (Provo);
  2. Geneial (Provo);
  3. GYVR HUB (Lehi);
  4. Hallo (Provo);
  5. Joonto (Lehi);
  6. Kado (Salt Lake City);
  7. Kilter (Lehi);
  8. Savvy Learning (Provo);
  9. TranzIT Fleet (Salem); and
  10. Useless Crypto (Orem).

As final preparations for the public portion of StartFEST were wrapping up outside of the Silicon Slopes HQ, each startup noted above was gathered inside the Slopes offices to deliver a brief presentation and answer questions before representatives from these local investor firms:

This year’s StartMadness program represented the first time in history that so many venture capital firms and investor groups had gathered in one setting to collectively see and review pitches from startup organizations.

As such, StartMadness provided a forum for each startup team to hone its investor story and make connections with potential funding sources.

Winners Selected for the Slopes Serves + Hyperquake Creative Sprint Program

Separately, Genial and Krado were selected as the 2022 winners of the Slopes Serves + Hyperquake Sprint Program as part of StartFEST 2022.

The Slopes Serves + Hyperquake Creative Sprint was an innovative program designed as a community-focused initiative to help serve Utah's entrepreneurs by bringing the story of their vision to life.

This unique new program provided Utah-based startups the chance to receive at no cost  professional creative services from Hyperquake, as well as support in crafting their brand's strategy, story, and execution.

For additional information, please see “Hyperquake and Slopes Serves Announce Winners For Their Creative Sprint Giveaway.”

Special Thanks Extended to the Sponsors and Community Partners of StartFEST 2022

Silicon Slopes extends its deep thanks for American Express as the presenting sponsor of StartFEST 2022.

It also expresses its thanks to the dozens of other sponsoring organizations and community partners who helped make StartFEST 2022 a great success. (To see a list of these sponsors and community partners, please visit the StartFEST homepage.)

For individuals interested in participating in StartFEST 2023, please sign-up for notifications here.

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