SalesRabbit Raises $2.4M Led By Peak Ventures

We see today’s news as an alternate ending to “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

We’ve all read Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare”— a race is scheduled between turtle and rabbit, the rabbit races out to a seemingly insurmountable lead, the turtle somehow wins through a measured, slow and steady approach.

Okay, great for the tortoise. Here’s what Aesop never told you: while the turtle was plodding along, content on trying to win a meaningless race, the rabbit was raising $2.4 million to fund a mobile field sales platform. I know, it’s a mind-blowing twist, but it’s true.

Who could have guessed that Aesop’s fable would foretell today’s funding announcement from Lehi-based SalesRabbit, proud recipients of a $2.4 million funding round led by Peak Ventures? No one, I say, no one.

We profiled SalesRabbit and CEO Brady Anderson one year ago. Since then, things seem to be going quite well on their journey to provide a door-to-door sales platform that tracks every aspect of a business. They’ve grown from 25 employees to 50+, added $2.4 million in funding to $1.2 million already raised, and also provided context to one of Aesop’s greatest fables. Great work by SalesRabbit.

“Sales professionals who leverage SalesRabbit know the advantage it gives them in harnessing information to identify and close more business,” said Sid Krommenhoek, Managing Partner at Peak Ventures. “We were drawn to Brady and his team as we heard from their raving customers and as we considered the industries yet ahead of SalesRabbit that will similarly find massive value in their solution.”

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