Photo: Maurizio Zanetti via Flickr

By Joey Ferguson

Photo: Maurizio Zanetti via Flickr[/caption]

SALT LAKE CITY — Information technology hiring may slow in Salt Lake as 22 percent of CIOs say they plan to put expansions on hold, up from 19 percent in the second quarter, according to a report from Robert Half Technology.

Interviews with 200 CIOs of companies with at least 100 employees made up the IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report. The results are a two-quarter rolling average based on the interviews.

The amount of CIOs planning to add more to their IT staffs in Q3 dropped by 2 percentage points to 17 percent. Plans to fill open IT positions dropped 8 percentage points to 54 percent.

IT recruiting experts say this isn’t necessarily a bad thing or an indicator of any long-term issues.

“In my opinion, a little dip like this is almost welcome,” Justin Rohatinsky, Salt Lake City branch manager of Robert Half Technology, said in a phone interview. “You’re looking at a supply and demand market, and the demand was so far outweighing the supply that it was almost getting stupid. This is a little break in the craziness.”

Hiring expectations tend to drop in Utah in the third quarter because many executives go on vacations with their families, Rohatinsky said.

“This doesn’t seem one of the years where it’s noticeable other than this report,” Rohatinsky said. “Our boards are still full of jobs we’re trying to fill. We’re getting new stuff every day, so it hasn’t been noticeable.”

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