SaltStack Announces $15.5M Series A Round Led By Mercato Partners

Folks, the salt has been stacked. I mean it, just when you think there’s no more salt to be stacked, SaltStack comes out of the mountains and announces a $15.5 million Series A round. It reminds me of that old tongue-twister we used to say 5x fast in grade school: SaltStack salted the stack down by the seashore.

But enough with tongue twisters. Here are the details: $15.5 million led by Mercato Partners. In addition to prior investments from Peak Ventures, Epic Ventures, and Deep Fork Capital, total funding for SaltStack is now at $28 million.

Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO and co-founder:

SaltStack is poised to take advantage of a significant market opportunity and our partnership with Mercato Partners will help accelerate our success. In a software-defined world SaltStack automates the management of everything from mission-critical data center infrastructure at scale to distributed networks of IoT devices. Complexity compounded by increasingly sophisticated security threats has created substantial demand for SaltStack intelligent automation to manage and secure the modern infrastructure of digital business.

For Mercato, this represents the second $15 million Series A investment they’ve announced in a month, joining their funding of St. George-based PrinterLogic. And for SaltStack — whose client base includes Lyft, LinkedIn, Adobe, and Intuit — it represents an opportunity to hire more employees and continue building their organization. Carry on.

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