Breaking Barriers: Kinect Capital's WeROC 2023 Conference Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

WeROC (Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital) is eagerly preparing for its much-anticipated annual conference on September 5-6 in Salt Lake City, dedicated to bolstering female CEOs and entrepreneurs. The immersive event exists to bridge the gap between women-founded businesses, the capital they need to thrive, and promises to be a transformative experience that unites a dynamic community of business leaders, investors, mentors, and advocates to delve into the art of fundraising and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of women in business.

WeROC recently unveiled its lineup of distinguished keynote speakers, each offering a wealth of experience and insights to conference attendees. The presence of these influential leaders, sharing wisdom and providing encouragement, holds great significance for female business owners seeking to thrive.

The impressive list of keynote speakers includes:

  • Kathi Garff, Board Chair, Ken Garff Automotive Group; Board Chair, Success In Education
  • Jesse Draper, General Partner, Halogen Ventures
  • Representative Christine Watkins, District 67, Utah House of Representatives
  • Sunnie Giles, COO, Volcanic Retail
  • Sebastian Quintero, Director, Data Science, Aumni, a J.P. Morgan Company

Said Brenda Anderson, Founder/CEO of Jipe and previous attendee of WeROC, "The networking alone has been invaluable to me and to my business. WeROC allows women to get in front of an audience of investors who champion women in entrepreneurship and actively invest in their businesses. Being a recipient of the incredible work they are doing to elevate women and provide them opportunities to access capital is unmatched in the Utah community."

In addition to entrepreneurs, WeROC takes pride in hosting a diverse group of attending investors and capital providers dedicated to supporting women-led businesses. Notable speakers include Jacki Zehner (Founder of SheMoney and ShePlace), Kat Kennedy (General Partner at Kickstart), Kimmy Paluch (Managing Partner at Beta Boom), Leslie Goldman Tepper (General Partner at The Artemis Fund), Marie Peters (Fund Director at B:Side Capital), Olga Polunina (Head of Private Market Execution at JP Morgan), Rose Maizer (Co-Founder of Womenpreneurs), and Stefanie Fisher-Sample (CEO of Fundid).

With women playing a pivotal role in homes, businesses, and communities, this event is immensely important for Utah. Whether attendees are coming to support, mentor, invest, learn, or be inspired, securing tickets online today is an opportunity to invest in the Power of Her.

Said Tara Spalding, Interim CEO of Kinect Capital, "I am incredibly excited to welcome all attendees to the WeROC 2023 Conference. This event is a testament to the resilience, innovation, and dedication of women entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of business. They deserve our support and the opportunity for capital funding."

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